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Even our most stylish readers may never have heard of Whiskipedia, the online resource for whiskey connoisseurs that launched this year as a spot-on, tongue-in-cheek imitation of that other famous online encyclopedia. But once word of it came our way, we naturally posted an entry on our own definitive whiskey resource: Whisk(e)y, by Stefan Gabányi, an Abbeville classic from back in 1997. The entry is pretty short, owing to the site administrator’s stern directive to commercial types like us that we “confine [ourselves] to matters of fact and historical record.” In other words, if we heap the book with lavish tributes, Wikignomes will come in the night and delete them—and possibly boot us off the site as well. (Although we suspect that after a couple tumblerfuls of Scotch, they’d loosen up about that kind of thing.) Anyway, you should check out the entry, the site, and of course, the book page on Abbeville.com.

Oh yeah, and we have an actual Wikipedia entry, too.

Coming up next week: Abbeville’s Eye on India, a special discount on one of our new titles, and our intrepid traveler’s final musings on his recent trip to Rome and Florence. See you Monday!

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1.1. We take ours neat, of course. We recommend you do the same.

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Abbeville is For Lovers

…And for the lonely, too. No matter how your Valentine’s Day turned outwhether you kindled a new flame, rekindled an old one, or “kindled” a frozen taco in the microwave and watched Colbert Report rerunsAbbeville has a book for you.

For the lover: 


 For the loser in love (who will one day be a winner, so hang in there, champ):


 For the rest of us:


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