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Abbeville Gallery: NYC

It’s been a while since our last Abbeville Gallery post, but we thought we’d grace this mellow Friday with a few mellow photographs of New York in November, courtesy of Arbiter of Style Lauren. The chess figures in the second image, formerly so jolly, look feebly huddled against the darkening weather, while the third image will resonate with anyone who has ever jammed their hands into their anorak pockets and stared broodingly down into a Central Park pond. But what will happen when the water freezes over? Where will all the ducks go?




We can’t speak for the ducks, but we’ll be back next week with some Abbeville-style holiday gift recommendations, another skirmish with the Chicago Manual, and a review of “Stacks” and “Bracko,” the poetry/dance/”immersive sculpture” performance art piece that one of our Arbiters caught at NYU last night. (With a description like that, you can be sure it was either appalling or amazing.) Have a great weekend and happy Repeal Day!

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