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BEA Wrap-Up: Back, Exhausted, Apologies

Dear Readers,


We are back in NYC, exhausted from the BEA festivities, and send you our sincere apologies for not writing more after the last two days of BookExpo. I hope to make it up to you now with some juicy tidbits from those final hours in the L.A. Convention Center…


Saturday was like Friday before it—until night fell. While we were politely attending (and enjoying!) the BEA Cares charity fundraiser, which featured stand-up comedy by Lewis Black (his new book, Me of Little Faith, just launched today), thieves entered the AbbeBooth and could not resist the entirely too-tempting new cover for 80 Years of the Oscar. They purloined that fine tome, perhaps not realizing that it was a rare and now out-of-stock copy of 75 Years of the Oscar wrapped with a new cover design. It brought back memories of BEA in New York last year, when some unscrupulous fiend snatched our rare older edition of Bulgari…Ah, what people will resort to for the love of a fabulous book!


Sunday unfolded as an anticlimax to an otherwise-busy long weekend. Most attendees had already left to return home for work Monday, and they left everyone else wondering why BookExpo runs three days instead of two. Sundays are only busy whenever BEA is in New York, so next year, back at Jacob Javits Center, Sunday should be exceptionally busy once more.


The main source of excitement Sunday came from ForeWord magazine’s visit to our booth. They came bearing awards for four Abbeville 2007 books:


The History of Venice in Painting (edited by Georges Duby and Guy Lobrichon): GOLD, Art 

Giuseppe Panza: Memories of a Collector (by Giuseppe Panza): SILVER, Autobiography/Memoir 

Travels With Van Gogh and the Impressionists: Discovering the Connections (by Lin Arison with photography by Neil Folberg): SILVER, Travel Essays 

Fathering Your School Age Child (by Armin A. Brott): HONORABLE MENTION, Parenting


Then it was time to pack up the booth—until next year. We’ll have more then from BEA 2009, here in the Big Apple!


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