New Feature: “Dear Abbeville”

Not long ago, reader Julie Weathers suggested a new addition to the Manual of Style: a Q&A column called “Dear Abbeville.” Touched by her faith in the multifarious expertise we claim to have, we couldn’t let her down; besides, the pun on “Dear Abby” was too good to resist. As of today the column is an official feature, so we are soliciting questions from you, our readers, on the following topics:

  • Art (including painting, sculpture, architecture, and design)
  • Books and Literature (both old and new)
  • Publishing (the nuts and bolts of the business, the state of the industry, etc.)
  • Editing and Language (grammar, punctuation, diction, usage, spelling)
  • New York City (New York City)
  • Style (e.g., travel, luxury, wine—whatever this may mean to you)
  • The Universe

Please restrict questions to those that cannot be better answered via our FAQ page or a simple Web search. Blatantly self-serving questions (e.g., “In your opinion, how stylish is my personal website,”) will be summarily dismissed. Beyond that, anything is fair game, so fire away! All questions should be submitted to the email address given on our Contact page, or via the Comments form. Disclaimer: accurate, useful, or even serious answers are not guaranteed. Not all questions submitted will be answered. Not all questions answered will be published. That said, we will do our level best on all of these counts. Except for the “serious” part.


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3 responses to “New Feature: “Dear Abbeville”

  1. Whoa, I did something right. Time to go back to bed before I mess up a good day.

    I am really looking forward to this and I actually do have some questions for you.

    Here’s my first. My youngest son is in Iraq and got married a few days before he left for training prior to deployment. Both he and Katie would love to go to Ireland. Will, my son, and I have talked about it for years. So, we’re thinking about all going when he gets back as a belated honeymoon and a family trip. His sarge and his wife want to go also!

    We’re all interested in history and Irish music. I think the guys are interested in drinking, too, but we might be able to find pubs. What is the best way to indulge in these interests without doing a typical tourist bus thing? We don’t want to go and just wander around, wasting this opportunity, but we don’t want to be overly constrained either.


    signed Mother-in-law and Sarge want to go on honeymoon

  2. Question: When did saying ‘grow your business’ become proper vs. ‘ help your business grow’?

  3. abbeville

    Good questions, thanks to both! Keep them coming, stylish readers–we will do our first response column next week.

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