Some months ago we wrote about the party thrown at the Museum of Sex by the Bridgeman Art Library to celebrate the launch of their revamped website. This gave us an opportunity for plenty of puerile humor, but we never followed up afterward to let you know: how did the site turn out, anyway?

Very well, we are pleased to report; a tour of the new has left us thoroughly satisfied with its handsome design and improved usability. The homepage is dominated by a large-scale slide show of images from the collection, all quite striking (the opening image was originally Collier’s Lady Godiva, as though in continuation of the “Sex in Art” theme of their party; we hope they’ll rotate that one back in at some point, as it made for a stirring first impression). The site is noticeably easier to navigate than its former incarnation, and the collection itself, as always, is superb. We think both will be of great practical use to authors and publishers looking to stock their books with beautiful and difficult-to-find old pictures; certainly we have turned to Bridgeman for numerous projects in the past, and will continue to do so.

Oh, and the article we wrote on the MoSex party, with its jokes about deer ménages à trois and dirty monkey videos? They found it—and liked it, enough so that they offered to mention it in their “News & Features” section. We’re flattered, but they should know this will only encourage us. On the other hand, maybe this means we’ll be invited as officially tolerated, lovable scalawags to all their future events?

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