Poll: Adorable Cats

Well, we did give you fair warning: our last poll, about dead architects, didn’t exactly rake in the votes, so we vowed to make the next one a crowd-pleaser. Besides, we can’t write about highfalutin art and literary stuff all the time. Besides that, it’s Friday. Besides that, GalleyCat recently spent a whole week showing cat photos. And on top of everything, this gives us a golden excuse to replay our Cats Up Close video from last year.

Now that you’ve heard our self-justification, please watch the following footage of cats belonging to Briana, Michaelann, and associated roommates…

And consider the following photo, of Austin’s roommate’s former cat…


Professor Spraggles, Futurecat

…And then answer the following question:

Thank you for your time.


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3 responses to “Poll: Adorable Cats

  1. Jeremiah

    What is Spraggles a professor of?

  2. abbeville

    He is a professor of Spragglistics, with a doctorate in Futochronology.

  3. There are some FAT kittehs in that video.

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