Design Corner: Coedition Jackets

The Abbeville Manual of Style is pleased to introduce a new feature called “Design Corner,” in which our art director (and newly-appointed Arbiter of Style) will give you a privileged glimpse inside the hermetic art of book design. As you will recall from our inspiring company mission statement, “design and production savoir-faire” is something on which Abbeville prides itself greatly. Today’s “Design Corner” compares our jacket for Classic Yachts with other versions of the same jacket by foreign co-publishers.


Working on a multi-language coedition is at times like entering a design contest. The jacket for the same book is recreated by each publisher in the language of its country. The design is usually intended to appeal to the local market; more importantly, the eye of the designer and the tastes of the publisher come into play. In a way it becomes possible to compare various incarnations of the same book on purely aesthetic grounds. We see that at least in this one case, according to the website of the book’s author, our version landed on the top of the pile: 






And here it is up close and personal:



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