VOTE! On Abbeville Architects

Today is Election Day, and since you’ve already voted…wait, you have voted, haven’t you? If not, stop reading this and go to your local polling place now. Shoo. Git.

You’re back? Terrific. Now, since you’ve already voted but haven’t gotten all that democratic participation out of your system just yet, we are pleased to announce a new Abbeville Manual of Style Poll. Today’s poll lets you step into the role of Arbiter of Style by passing incontrovertible aesthetic judgement with blinding speed and stirring conviction. The issue? Five modern architects who have been the subject of Abbeville books: Antonio Gaudí, Frank Lloyd Wright, Bernard Maybeck, Julia Morgan, and Philip Johnson.

Once you are finished casting your ballot, we encourage you to head over to to vote, on the same subject, with a book order. And then go take a nap: you’ve earned it, citizen.

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