Abbeville Book Contest at ABBB!

Gooood morning art book fans! (Sorry, just wanted to try that opening once.) Today you are in luck: we have teamed up with Bob Duggan of Art Blog by Bob to sponsor a second Abbeville book giveaway contest. The grand prize? One free copy of The Loggia of Raphael: A Vatican Art Treasure, lavishly illustrated with 200 images and worth $125.00 retail. The theme and rules of the contest have been cleverly devised by Bob himself and incorporate his signature blend of humor, art history savvy, and autobiographical nostalgia. For complete guidelines, click here. For a sense of the glory of the prize being offered, as well as of the masterpiece it celebrates, check out Bob’s review of the book here. SPOILER ALERT—he liked it! Here’s the final sentence:

“Nicole Dacos’ The Loggia of Raphael, which speaks to the ears, eyes, and soul of the art history lover, is as much a treasure as the Vatican masterpiece it celebrates.”

As always, many thanks to Bob for his invaluable help in planning, hosting, and promoting the contest. His hard work is your good fortune: enter today!

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