Abbeville at the Museum of Sex

No, we haven’t been performing any exploits worth enshrining at the Museum, but we did party there last night. That’s because Bridgeman Art Library, an art licensing company we’ve worked with on a number of projects, chose MoSex as the venue in which to celebrate the launch of their revamped website. Ostensibly this had something to do with a “censorship in art” theme, but really they were just being cheeky, something that as a British-based company they are legally obligated to do.

The event took place in two wings of the museum: the Animal Sex wing downstairs and one of the Human Sex wings on the second floor. (There are undoubtedly loftier names for these exhibits, but we don’t remember them, so we’re going with the names we used in our heads.) The Animal wing, as anyone who has visited will recall, is essentially a large-scale biology lesson (albeit an entertaining and informative one) with the exception of several large sculptures of copulating animals. With their combination of fluidity and roughness, these worked suprisingly well as art—although was it just our imagination or was that deer threesome smiling…?

The Human Sex wing was dedicated to sex in video, i.e., modern pornography, though all of its video displays had been replaced with compilations of still images from the Bridgeman collection. Since their collection is composed largely of pre-twentieth-century art, this had the effect of turning a cold shower on whatever titillation factor the exhibit might otherwise have had, while on the other hand creating some witty juxtapositions (e.g. Renaissance nudes on the “Celebrity Pornography” screen). No matter; the images were risqué enough for what was after all a cocktail party, while the party itself fulfilled its most important obligation: providing good cocktails. The lychee martinis (Chambord Liqueur Royale, vodka, lychee juice) were especially choice.

Thanks again to BAL for inviting us to the launch; we had a lot of fun, though not quite as much as that monkey was having with himself in the video above the hors d’oeuvres table.

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