Cosmetic Changes

Perceptive followers of this site will notice that we’ve organized our once-slovenly array of sidebar links into four new categories: Arts and Culture Links, Book and Publishing Links, Library and Bookstore Links, and Yachting Links. Why Yachting? Reader, it is not enough for the true gentleman or gentlewoman of style merely to have exceptional taste in the arts; he or she must also cultivate at least one other rarefied, completely unrelated area of expertise. We have chosen yachting as but a token example; you may prefer philately or the steeplechase. (Other ideas can be found by browsing the Travel, Sports & Automobiles, or Interior Design & Lifestyle sections of Anyway, under Yachting Links you will find several fine online sources for nautical news, including the homepage of Gary Jobson, our occasional guest contributor, and the popular Ask the Boater, which posted a short item about us just yesterday.

In addition to tidying up the links we will be tweaking the look and feel of this site in the coming weeks. It is our hope that these adjustments will help make the Abbeville Manual more stylish than even we dreamed possible.

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