Marginalia: Bookninja

Today’s recommendation comes at you with the deadly speed and surprising grace of a throwing star. Actually, Bookninja is one of those sites that practically recommends itself, from the undeniable cool factor of its name and masthead to its crudely-drawn yet finely-observed Litterati cartoons to its centerpiece, the Hearsay newslog, a treasure trove of literary and publishing news, gossip, and entertainment. Quite simply, Bookninja has earned its self-proclaimed status as “the premier Canadian literary site.” (No big-fish-in-a-small-frozen-lake-jokes, please: it is also, as it goes on to say, “one of the top literary sites in the world,” and when its Canadian roots show through at all, it’s in the unusual number of references it makes to Robertson Davies, Margaret Atwood, and Leonard Cohen. See this hilarious reader contest for examples.) Unlike most ninjas, Bookninja deserves and demands to be seen; we suggest you head over there now. Go in stealth, young grasshopper.

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