Friday Bonus: Cartoon Contest

Over the years, Armin Brott’s series of parenting guides for fathers, from his 1995 classic The Expectant Father to the audiobook versions of Expectant Father and New Father released this year, have helped hundreds of thousands of dads (and moms) prepare for the trials and rewards of parenthood. In spring of 2009 Brott will continue the series with The Military Father: A Hands-On Guide for the Deployed Dad, a volume that aims to address the special concerns of dads in military families. As an ex-military man himself, Armin knows plenty about those concerns; but like any good soldier, he can’t go it alone. He needs some bold help, some stalwart support. Armin needs cartoons.

That’s right: although his previous books have been illustrated with New Yorker cartoons, Armin (along with Abbeville) is looking for something more original this time around. We are calling on all of our readers who are current or former veterans, or members of current military families, to submit entries to our Military Father Cartoon Contest (click the link for full rules and eligibility requirements). Winners will receive $150 and full credit in the book, as well as our sincere admiration for serving, raising a family, and being funny all at once. So break out those pens and paper, channel your inner Larson, and be sure to send your submissions to or Cartoon Contest c/o Abbeville Press, 137 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013, by December 31. Good luck!

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