Marginalia: A Different Stripe

As Abbeville website recommendations go, this one’s a gimme. While most blogs over the past two weeks have featured posts called something like “OMG Sarah Palin Tina Fey Wall Street Worldwide Crisis!!! ROFL,” A Different Stripe, a literary blog from the good folks at the New York Review of Books, has given us the post titles “Henry James and the Loquacity of Incomprehension” and, more poignant still, “Remember Angus Wilson?” I really think we need say no more. This is our kind of blog and we suspect it’ll be yours, too. Bonus: their blogroll includes some gems that we’ve never seen linked to elsewhere, including Forgotten Classics, Outmoded Authors, and (title of the day!) Steamboats Are Ruining Everything. If the blogosphere ever suddenly morphs into a rarefied haven of aesthetic discernment and intellectual curiosity, we’ll have sites like these to thank.

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