Classic Yachts #1

Today we bring you our first guest post by America’s Cup winner, Classic Yachts contributor, and man of style Gary Jobson: a rumination on the “sea-kindly boats of yesteryear.”

What is a classic yacht?

When one refers to a “classic” it is a word that is worthy of attention, and respect. A classic yacht is one that sails into our affections because it stands the test of time.  It is amazing to me that classics get better looking with age. If a car is a classic it can also be referred to as a jalopy, but not a yacht. And during our age of flat-out racing machines, the sea-kindly boats of yesteryear are far more comfortable to sail. For these reasons classic yachts are worthy of preservation and honor.

A classic yacht connects the generations in the way that old movies remind us of life in the past. And when you watch actors on the big screen you come away with an appreciation for the way people lived and thought. But it is hard to relive the past. Happily we can understand what it was like to sail the mighty boats of days gone by, simply with a sail. But for many, getting a berth on a big classic is a hard invitation to secure. This is why Classic Yachts is a treat for our eyes. Thanks to the images shot by Gilles Martin-Raget you can watch from the water, from the air, and on board, and feel you are part of the action. What a special thrill!

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