We got an email today from one of the editors of, informing us that they had linked to our Manual of Style. Who are these strange and generous people, we asked ourselves, then checked out their site and were instantly very flattered! Turns out they’re a new “online magazine rack” that aggregates the best sites and blogs from around the Web, groups them by topic, and displays the top headlines from each in a visual format so appealingly simple that it’s almost a waste of words to describe it. It seems we’ve made the cut for their new Publishing section, along with many of the other fine sites we’ve enjoyed and recommended over the past year (GalleyCat and Booksquare among them). Humbled as we are, we have to admit, we think we’ve got by far the coolest headline among the current crop: “Spontaneous Vehicular Combustion.” Take that, Yahoo! Finance: Publishing—Book Industry News!

Anyhow, many thanks to the editors of Alltop, and we encourage our readers to visit the site frequently to get their fix not only of Publishing news, but of Art and Book news as well. And hey, if you’re the type who can never read too many Textiles or Zoology blogs, they’ve got you covered too.

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