Spontaneous Vehicular Combustion

Things are usually pretty quiet here at Abbeville, but every so often working in SoHo affords us the opportunity to see crazy things. There’s the annual Halloween parade, for example, which starts near our building, or the protests against the construction of Trump SoHo (currently mounting Babel-like toward the sky right across the street from us). But nothing prepared us for what happened just now, when a loud boom from the street was followed by a puff of dark smoke outside our windows. This being New York, we were all legitimately frightened for a second before rushing to the windows and seeing—a flaming motorcycle parked at the curb below!

(photos courtesy of our own Erin Dress)

No one was injured because no one was near it, and the cause of the explosion remains a mystery. Fortunately, a couple of fire trucks were already making their way through traffic, so one of the firemen leapt out and hosed down the blaze in a matter of seconds. The smell of inexplicably burnt motorcycle dissipated slowly.

And now back to fixing comma splices.

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