Marginalia: Chicken Spaghetti

To the untutored eye, the title of today’s post may look like the subject line of a spam email that mashes together random words in order to sneak past your filter (“Osculate: Manatee Subvention!!!”), but in fact it is a recommendation of one of the best kid-lit blogs out there. That would be Chicken Spaghetti, a blog about “books for children and for the rest of us, too”—a tagline which partly means that it features grown-up books on occasion, but mostly means that “the rest of us” are never too old or lame for children’s books. We agree, Chicken Spaghetti! Just the other day our post about Strunk and White had us waxing nostalgic about Charlotte’s Web. Tonight we’re going to go home and reread that one, and A Wrinkle in Time, and Tom Sawyer, and some late-period Seuss (The Lorax, of course, has never been more timely, but as classic lighter fare Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Please Go Now! can’t be overlooked)…

We digress, but so does Chicken Spaghetti sometimes, as in its inspired recent post on International Rock-Flipping Day. No matter what author Susan Thomsen is blogging about, books or rocks, she manages to make it endearing and lively. Plus the title looks great on our blogroll. Check out Chicken Spaghetti!

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