A Short Entry

For this week’s Random Friday Bonus Treat we thought we’d dig up a miniature gem from the Abbeville archives: A Short History: Thumbnail Sketches of 50 Little Giants. First published in 1998, it profiles 50 altitudinally-challenged famous people of the past and present (well, to the extent that 1998 is the present), including Dr. Ruth, Danny DeVito, Mother Teresa, and Auguste Rodin. Nifty caricatures accompany each profile, as you can see above. In the interests of full disclosure, this editor is willing to admit that the topic of successful short people—those who have overcome the long odds and the high grocery store shelves and the endless MOCKERY to make something of themselves—is near and dear to his heart. These fifty courageous men and women may not rise far above ground level, but by God, nobody can overlook them. One day I’ll be able to say the same! (But no, I’m not a Dennis Kucinich supporter, so jeez, stop asking.)

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