100th Post

We were reading Laurie Fendrich’s post on Brainstorm yesterday when we came across two pleasant surprises: 1) she made very kind mention of our site and 2) it was her 100th post ever. Congratulations to Laurie! We’ve highly recommended her work to our readers in the past, and we highly recommend it again.

That milestone also got us thinking—how many total posts were we up to here at the Abbeville Manual of Style? We checked and, wouldn’t you know it, yesterday marked our 100th post as well. Coincidence? We think so! But it’s a good excuse to celebrate the fun we’ve had opinionating, ruminating, reviewing, interviewing, photographing, and of course, arbitrating style over the past ten months. We hope you, our readers, have had fun too, because frankly we have no intention of stopping this crazy train.

We’re not sure how one celebrates this kind of anniversary, exactly, but we’re going to go ahead and assume it involves leaving work a little early to get a head start on glorious Labor Day weekend indolence. Why not join the celebration?


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2 responses to “100th Post

  1. michaelann


  2. briana

    What a milestone! And how ironic?!

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