Marginalia: About Last Night

So, about About Last Night: it’s a blog by Terry Teachout, the prolific drama and music critic for the Wall Street Journal and Commentary. It declares its subject to be “the arts in New York City” but actually covers the arts at large, regardless of time or place—from painting to literature to Teachout’s beloved jazz and opera. Its sidebar alone is more formidable than most blogs, and some libraries; if tomorrow a comet came and destroyed everything but About Last Night, the Western cultural canon—and a good deal of the Eastern—could be reconstructed from that mighty roll of links.

Mr. Teachout’s pieces in the Journal, Commentary, and elsewhere are well worth reading, too; we recently enjoyed “Hating the New: Are Joe Queenan’s Ears on Wrong?,” his eloquent rebuttal of fellow critic Queenan’s contention that the past 100 years of classical music have been a cochlea-insulting disaster. In general, Mr. Teachout is one of the best arbiters of style (small capitals) working today, and if for some reason you ever needed an opinion besides Abbeville‘s, we’d be happy if you sought out his.

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