Classic Yacht Tales

Gary Jobson is both a true man of style and a true man of the sea. One of our nation’s foremost sailors, he won the America’s Cup in 1977 alongside his friend and fellow yachtsman Ted Turner. With his distinguished grey hair, firm handshake, and admiral-like bearing, he commands any room he walks into as though it were the Courageous itself. He is Editor at Large of Sailing World magazine, an ESPN broadcaster and Emmy award-winning producer, and the author of numerous sailing books as well as the Foreword for Abbeville‘s brand-new volume Classic Yachts. Now he will be adding one further, crowning achievement to his résumé: he will be a contributor to the Abbeville Manual of Style.

Starting this fall, Mr. Jobson will become an honorary Arbiter as he authors occasional guest posts—sailing-themed, of course—for this very site. He’s already done some blogging for Sailing World recently, and a look back through his old posts will give some sense of the treat you, our readers, are in for:

The most scenic area was sailing through the Gerlache Strait. The ice-covered mountains rose 3,000 feet right up out of the sea bed while the ship motored by at a constant 12 knots…

Another highlight of the trip was the wildlife—whales, seals, penguins, and giant birds. The albatrosses were my favorite. These birds have 11-foot wing spans and they seem to glide effortlessly on the powerful winds in the Drake, flying hundreds of miles every day. One afternoon off the Melchior Islands, about 70 of us aboard six Zodiacs followed a pod of whales. We could smell their fishy breath. The whales were unperturbed by our presence.

Ice-covered mountains? Eerie sea creatures? Albatrosses? If Mr. Jobson didn’t have more youthful vigor than we do, we would suspect that he is, in fact, the Ancient Mariner. One way or the other, we crew members of the Abbeville Manual of Style heartily welcome him aboard and eagerly await his salty sea tales, which we hope are full of corny nautical puns and cool lingo like “landlubber” and “yardarm.”

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