No, No, The Other Yeats

We’ve been doing a lot of mulling over the relationship between art and literature in this space lately (see our recent interviews with Scott Esposito and Raymond Hammond), so today’s post about Jack Butler Yeats on Art Blog By Bob seemed especially timely. Did you know that W. B. Yeats’s brother, Jack, was a painter? Now you do! And judging by the illustrations that accompany the article, he was a very good one too—though perhaps a bit of a slave to the art trends of his era (in contrast with his poet brother, who remained essentially a  throwback Romantic twenty-five years after it had stopped being hip to do so). As with all lesser-known siblings of a famous person, Jack Yeats cuts a slightly poignant figure. He was incredibly talented, just not quite…W.B. Yeats talented. William wrote “Among School Children” and “Sailing to Byzantium”; Jack…well, Jack “created the first comic strip based on Sherlock Holmes, called ‘Chubblock Holmes.'” Aww.

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