Marginalia: Bookscreening

For the last year or so, the major fad of the publishing industry has been “book trailers,” short teaser films that promote new books in punchy Hollywood style. Is this a commendably innovative marketing tool or another symptom of our YouTube-addled culture’s increasing inability to comprehend a medium that consists of mere words on a page, with no flashy visuals whatsoever? The verdict is still out, but either way, it looks as though the book trailer is here to stay—and with our video and podcasts, we at Abbeville have had no shame about climbing aboard the bandwagon.

Still, since the book trailer is such a new, strange breed, no clear frontrunner has emerged among Web outlets vying to be the place to view them. We’ve seen a couple halfhearted or under-construction sites with “booktube” in the domain name, but nothing that made us sit up straighter in our chairs until we came across Bookscreening. Sure, it’s a humble blog for now, but Bookscreening has a nice simple title, a nice simple logo, a nice simple format, and—who knows, it could be the next big nice simple thing. Anyway, we recommend it. The trailers we’ve watched there are entertaining and well-produced, although the books themselves could use a little more…Abbeville. We’ll have to see what we can do about that.

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