Friday Bonus: Best Search Terms

Thanks to the magic of WordPress’s Dashboard, which informs us daily of the search terms that have led people to our site, we have occasionally been amused, delighted, and startled by what our readers were looking for on that first fateful day they stumbled across us. Evidently we appear in search results for all of the following:

“is goat cheese hyphenated before a noun”

“chrysanthemum tattoo”

“close up of a cats face with red eyes”

“zebu bucking videos”

“mr. cool in abbeville”

“how to spell edgar in japanese”

“gender bias giving tree shel silverstein” 

Yes, dear readers, we can help you with all of these pressing queries. Except maybe for the last one, which looks like the humble beginnings of someone’s research for an 80-page graduate thesis on “Problems of Gender and Identity in the American Juvenile Narrative, 1950-1975.” Such things are beyond our ken, but we will say that, if the researcher wants to repeat our insight about what “Y.L.” stands for, she’d better footnote us.

Next Week: An interview with Scott Esposito of The Quarterly Conversation, plus more photos from the glorious Cayman Islands!

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One response to “Friday Bonus: Best Search Terms

  1. tbfreviews

    Isn’t it amazing what searches pull up certain sites? I believe someone tried searching “mom’s diary porn” from my mom blog!! LOL

    BTW…I found you through the “Share Your Blog” group in shelfari. I’d love to add you to my blogroll in The Book Faery Reviews if you’d like to link together. I’m an avvid reader and always looking for new books to read. 🙂


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