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Apologies to all you laypeople out there, but today’s website recommendation is geared toward those of us in the industry. Although, if you’re a layperson interested in the industry and how it works, then we suppose you’re cool enough to read it too. We’re talking about Yen Cheong’s The Book Publicity Blog, which is the Web’s foremost source for “news, tips, trends, and miscellany for book publicists,” and all snobbishness aside, a useful source for publishing and book news in general. The technical name of the site’s template is Andreas04, but we think of its design style as Bare Bones and Brass Tacks—the way a good book publicist ought to be. The writing style, on the other hand, is more personal; Yen permits herself occasional digressions from the nuts and bolts of industry news, as in her recent post on the apparently inexhaustible subject of Michael Phelps. (A digression which she followed with a hasty return to practicality: “But this isn’t all fun and games.”)

But we digress, too! We consult TBPB frequently here at Abbeville and we encourage you to do the same, because it’s one of the most useful sites we know of. In the industry.

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