Abbeville Gallery: Australia 2

Our Arbiter Abroad, Lauren, brings us two more choice photographs from Australia today. One is of a small creek in the Healesville Sanctuary; the second is a poignant visual essay on the imprisonment of the spirit in contemporary—OK, fine, we’re not sure what it is, exactly. Some kind of wombat, perhaps? A bandicoot—does that sound right? All we know is that it’s got clawed hands, eyes as blue as Sinatra’s, and an expression of tragic dignity. Maybe it’s the same species as the thing that washed up on Montauk recently. We’ll ask Lauren when she returns; until then, feast your eyes!


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2 responses to “Abbeville Gallery: Australia 2

  1. Arbiter Abroad Lauren

    Arbiter Austin,
    For the record, and to ease yours and the readers’ troubled minds, it is in fact a kangaroo… in non-traditional kangaroo pose.
    Who knew kangaroos were attracted to french fries?

  2. abbeville


    More importantly, who knew kangaroos had such unearthly blue eyes? You can almost picture it talking in an eerily calm alien-voice: “Good day…mate. I do not…come…to harm you. I only…come…to seek food.”

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