Marginalia: Booksquare

Kassia Krozser is one of our true kindred spirits on the Web, and her trenchantly-written, marvelously-illustrated Booksquare arouses our sincere admiration—even, sometimes, our envy. Declaring that she “lavishes all her adoration on the publishing industry because, like a child who needs firm, corrective guidance, publishers and writers need Booksquare,” she makes tongue-in-cheek pontificating look like taking candy (firmly and correctively) from a baby. We want our superiority complex to be superior to her superiority complex, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, we have to admit it’s not. Well, maybe it’s at least equal.

Regardless, we’re linking you to Booksquare for the simple reason that its commentary on the publishing world is excellent. Topics recently covered by the site include the death of newspaper book review sections, the birth of e-reading devices, and “Why Publishers Should Blog” (a post we naturally commented on, suggesting that readers look no further than us for an answer). And of course, there are those great Molly Crabapple illustrations, which Kassia says “you wish were yours.” We do, Kassia, we do.

As far as we know, Kassia confines herself only to commentary on publishing, and has not yet ventured into Abbeville‘s other fields of expertise, such as the visual arts and the universe. If she ever did, we might be a little intimidated…but we’d still gladly read what she had to say, and recommend that you do, too.

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  1. Jim

    You might be surprised that Booksquare has a sister publication, called Medialoper, which looks primarily at the intersection of Entertainment and Technology. And occasionally, the Universe.

    Kassia was one of the co-founders of Medialoper. Full disclosure (and reason for shameless plug): so was I. Along with her husband, my wife, and a bottle of Tequila.

    I think that you’ll find that her writing there neatly complements her writing on Booksquare.

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