Stylish Reader: Star St. Germain

As a final Friday side note, we wanted to point you toward the personal website of one Star St. Germain, an artist, designer, cartoonist, animator, and cellist of considerable panache. Star contacted us not long ago wondering if we might be interested in featuring her on our site, and you know what? We liked her style. Her site is a model of elegant Web design, her illustrations radiate casual cool, and her photographs demonstrate an eye for the vibrant and strange. Most importantly, she’s an Abbeville Manual of Style reader—proof positive of exceptional good taste. Star, we commend you, your artwork, and even your chic name. You, madame, are a Stylish Reader.

Think you’re just as stylish as Star, and have a website to prove it? Leave a note in the Comments section of this (or any) post and be sure to include a URL. We’ll peruse any entries we receive and profile our favorites in future Stylish Reader posts. As always, feedback, discussion, and debate about our choices will be welcome; here at Abbeville, we’re firm believers in de gustibus est disputandum. Until Monday!


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3 responses to “Stylish Reader: Star St. Germain

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  2. Ashley

    I love star! I just discovered her blog a few days ago and think her art is sublime! I can’t wait to read more about her.

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