Armin Brott Video on iParenting

This year, longtime Abbeville author Armin Brott—a.k.a. America’s “Mr. Dad”—was the proud recipient of not one but two iParenting Media Awards, both for his volume Fathering Your School-Age Child and for his Father Knows Best: The Expectant Father boxed set. Having heard the good news, he gladly agreed to do a video interview for the iParenting website, because, well, America’s Mr. Dad isn’t the type to grouchily turn down an interview. And now his gracious compliance is your good fortune, because you get to watch the video here!

As you listen to Brott discuss the genesis of his book series and dispense his fatherly advice, we defy you not to feel a warm filial glow. By the time the video was over, we had to restrain ourselves from calling him up and asking him to come out to the backyard to toss the old pigskin around for a while. That was silly; it’s a workday—but maybe he will later, when he’s not so busy? M-Mr. Dad?

Style Points


1.1. So we split one in the second sentence. Sue us. It’s an outdated rule anyway.

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