Travel Day

Today’s post is a short one, as this Arbiter of Style is traveling (and, more to the point, taking the day off). On my travels, however, I will soon be visiting a bookstore at which there is reputed to be a first edition of Grace Paley’s Enormous Changes at the Last Minute. If you’re in need of a quick recommendation on the subject of prose style, look no further than Paley, who died just last year: in addition to being a fixture in Greenwich Village for decades (she could often be seen there chewing bubblegum and handing out antiwar leaflets), she was one of the twentieth century’s most brilliant short story writers. Do yourself a favor by picking up any one of her collections for a terrific summer read—as soon as you’ve finished savoring the joys of all your Abbeville books, that is.

We’ll be back next week with more interviews, Abbeville news, website recommendations, original photography, and fearless opinions—including, quite possibly, an opinion on the bookstore I’m about to visit. Have an exceptionally stylish weekend.

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