Courbet Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Andrew E. of Pennsylvania for winning our first-ever Courbet Contest, a.k.a. The Most Arrogant Contest in Blogging! Andy will soon be receiving a spanking new copy of our gorgeous Courbet monograph, but he already owns something just as important—bragging rights. That might as well be him in the painting above, looking down on the world as if to say, “I’m the winner of a gorgeous Courbet monograph from Abbeville Press. Who are you, peon?”

Thanks once again to Art Blog By Bob, and to Bob himself, for generously hosting and promoting the contest (as well as coming up with its witty title). Thanks also to Bob’s son Alex for impartially, and adorably, drawing the winning entry from his Phillies baseball cap. Since the contest was a resounding success, we’ll be sure to hold others in the future, so check back often both here and at ABBB! And for those of you who are not the lucky winner, do consider picking up a non-free copy of the book: we promise, even at full price, it’s worth it.

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