Judging the Ocean

You might think that the sphere of things Abbeville is qualified to judge would be confined to dry land—or that the sky, at least, would be the limit. But you would be wrong. Back in 2000, we and our exceptional taste took a little swim, and when we surfaced, we brought you something more valuable than pirate treasure: our definitive compendium of The Best Dive Sites in the World.

Now that the summer vacation season is fully upon us, we suggest you keep this book (or one of our other, region-specific dive guides) handy on your travels. Because an Abbeville reader doesn’t just find some random spot in the ocean and plop herself in. She hops a boat, dons her wetsuit, scours the seven seas for those places with the optimum combination of depth, fair weather, and richness of acquatic life—and then she dives in style.

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