Abbeville Gallery: Original Photography

Here at the Abbeville Manual, we spend a lot of time arbitrating other people’s style, but sometimes if you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself. That’s why today marks the launch of “Abbeville Gallery,” our new feature in which we display original photography by us, the Arbiters of Style. Like “Marginalia,” this feature will be updated several times a month, and we’re hoping it lends our site a little more visual interest as well as that extra touch of class Abbeville strives for. But as we’ve said previously, we are in no way becoming a “photoblog” (which sounds like a term from particle physics, like “antiquark”); we are simply providing a periodic and ongoing image exposition.

Our first images come courtesy of Arbiter of Style Lauren; they portray two mysterious figures inhabiting their own bizarre, wicker-looking plane of reality. Enjoy.

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