Adorable Babies Love Us

In recent posts, we’ve mentioned the good press we’ve gotten in the New York Times and People magazine, but this week we won over the most discriminating reviewer of them all: little Imogen, the infant niece of our Production Director, Louise. Actually, we were going to call her “the fussiest reviewer,” but that joke didn’t seem appropriate considering how utterly mesmerized she is by our new release Red, Yellow, Blue, and You:

As though the pictures didn’t say it all, here is the full text of Imogen’s review:

Dear Aunt Louise,

Thank you for the Red, Yellow, Blue and You board book that you and your friends made at Abbeville Press. My daddy read it to me. Well,

actually he sang it to me. It was the first time he read me a book.

I enjoyed turning the pages and looking at the bright colors.



It’s always heartwarming to see a little one getting her first lesson in the appreciation of style. We also can’t help but notice that while she’s not even 2 yet, her review is impeccably copyedited. You’re going to make a great Abbevillian someday, Imogen.

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