Fireworks, Dinosaurs, and a Contest

…And we’re back, with a weekend post as promised, albeit a late one. This Arbiter enjoyed his Fourth of July tremendously, despite the dreary New York weather, and snagged a good rooftop view of the fireworks show. An elderly gentleman standing near me had a beat-up old radio tuned to the New York Philharmonic scoring of the program, adding a perfect quaint touch to the festivities.

I also visited another museum over the weekend, but this time art was in no way involved. This was a visit with friends to the Museum of Natural History, made on the premise that you’re never too old to stop learning about outer space and dinosaurs. One of the highlights was seeing, up close, the very Archaeopteryx fossil prominently featured and illustrated in our upcoming children’s book, A Jurassic Mystery: Archaeopteryx. Too bad I knew the solution to the mystery already, having helped edit the book; otherwise I could have hidden away after hours and pursued it myself, From-the-Mixed-Up-Files-of-Mrs.-Basil-E.-Frankweiler-style.

Finally, an update: five days left in the Courbet contest at Art Blog by Bob! Go sign up for your chance to become the most triumphant contestant in The Most Arrogant Contest in Blogging.

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