Abbeville in People Magazine

Well! The Expectant Father, our classic parenting guide by Armin Brott (a.k.a. “Mr. Dad”), has certainly been making the rounds of the entertainment industry lately. Fresh off its cameo appearance in last year’s blockbuster Knocked Up (in which the hapless Seth Rogan character consulted it for much-needed advice), the book was recently featured in People magazine, where it was recommended by rocker Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Says Wentz:

“[The Expectant Father] tells you your partner’s moods month-by-month and week-by-week…It tells you why you’re feeling the way you are, how you can feel more involved in the pregnancy.”

True enough, Pete! Thanks for the mention, and we wonder if you’d also be interested in the new audiobook versions of The Expectant Father and The New Father—a little something to shuffle into your iPod between emo ballads and pop punk grooves. For that matter, you might be interested in The Art of Rock too, if only to help give the kid a little musical history lesson when he (or she?) gets older.

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