Marginalia: GalleyCat, Beatrice

In our past Marginalia entries we’ve given short shrift to publishing blogs—perhaps naïvely assuming that our readers’ interests fall on the artsier, fartsier side of the Abbeville equation—but all of that’s about to change. Today we’d like to introduce you to MediaBistro’s GalleyCat, the most comprehensive and stylish insider publishing blog on the Web. What’s that—you’re already a fan? Well, we’d like to tell you why we are too.

Reason #1: Like us, they enjoy making grandiose claims: they call themselves “the first word on the book publishing industry.” Unlike us, they are merely being accurate. Reason #2: They cover the publishing world from every possible angle, featuring interviews with authors, publishers, agents, and other insiders; industry news, buzz, and commentary; book trailers (book trailers?—somewhere Harold Bloom is quietly weeping) for hot upcoming releases; links to top publishing blogs and articles; and reportage on publishing events (i.e., parties) around the city. This last could be considered GalleyCat’s specialty. Their stories about rooftop galas and the like help remind us that we work in a glamorous profession, throwing a little glitter over the endless sea of proofreader’s marks staring up at us from our desks.

Finally, Reason #3: Their logo is a cat. We like cats.

One of the editors of GalleyCat, Ron Hogan, also keeps a book blog called that we highly recommend. Beatrice is a more focused project that features extended excerpts from Hogan’s conversations with authors. The site has been around since 1995, which in Internet Years makes it as venerable as the East India Trading Company. Unlike that company, however, it is still very much in business, and you should go see for yourself what’s made it stand the test of time.

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