Shameless Publicity

Take a moment to check out the nice mention of us today on GalleyCat, MediaBistro’s publishing blog. GalleyCat, like Arts & Letters Daily, is a site so deservedly popular (and manifestly stylish) that it doesn’t need our recommendation—but what the hey, we’ll be profiling it anyway in a Marginalia post early next week. Meanwhile, take a look at Michael Ian Black’s response to their query regarding his increasingly hilarious feud with David Sedaris.

We also had a book reviewed this week by momeld, the design blog you may remember from one of our earlier recommendations. The book is New Bar + Club Design, and they liked it, they really liked it! (The Arbiters of Style are fond of it, too—it’s one of those books we wish we’d gotten to help “research.”)

Soon to come is an Abbeville book contest/giveaway on the illustrious Art Blog by Bob. Check back for more details just before the Fourth of July, and in the meantime, get yourself ready for the holiday by reading Bob’s recent post on “hyper-American” transcendentalist painter Rockwell Kent. What is it with painters named Rockwell being hyper-American, anyway?

Coming Up Tomorrow: Our latest Abbevideo. We have a feeling this one’s going Abbeviral…

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