Marginalia: artnet

Today we’re recommending artnet, a site which, despite its self-effacing lowercase title, is the Internet’s premier resource for buying, selling, and researching fine art. Even casually perusing its online auctions is a heady experience; at this very moment, you could place a bid on a classic Walker Evans photograph—if you have at least $15,000 to toss around, that is. This ain’t eBay, kids; these are the big leagues. And while the prices may be too rich for this humble editor’s blood, many Abbeville readers will undoubtedly find artnet an ideal place to bid on beautiful objects without having to put on a necktie or dress.

The site’s other major features include the Gallery Network, a searchable database of 1800 major galleries around the globe; the Price Database, a comprehensive archive of world art auction results; and artnet Magazine, an insider review of news and trends in the art market. For artists, gallery owners, dealers, and art-world aficionados alike, artnet is invaluable. And notwithstanding our wisecracks above, it’s a good resource for collectors on a budget, too: among the potential steals we found were one of Lichtenstein’s first Pop prints (current bid $1335) and a number of Bible-themed Chagall pieces (opening at $325 each). Get ’em while they’re hot!

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