Marginalia: PowellsBooks.BLOG

Nearly all of our readers will have heard of Powell’s Books, the major online book retailer, but thus far their blog—emphatically titled PowellsBooks.BLOG—has not become as widely known. In fact, in a recent post that tugged our heartstrings, the lack of reader comments on their site prompted their editor Brockman to launch a primal howl of despondency into the Internet void. We could identify with this, so we left him an encouraging message—and shamelessly fished for one in return. Not only did Brockman oblige, he also linked back to us. Grazie, signor!

But our reasons for liking the site go well beyond our understanding of the trials and tribulations of the blogging experience. Powell’s is a book blog of the most eclectic variety, covering “authors, readers, critics, media—and booksellers” (we like that dramatic em-dash) and spotlighting everything from popular Danielle Steel and Dan Brown favorites to the latest tome by Gore Vidal. Their guest bloggers have included authors Stephanie Klein and Josh Kilmer-Purcell and comedian Kevin Nealon of SNL fame. In short, their site has something for everyone, and we suspect that their pining for reader affection is more than a little tongue-in-cheek: we were hardly the only voice of support to respond to their Dark Night of the Blogger’s Soul.

Nevertheless, you should check them out for yourself and extol their virtues with comments of your own. And hey, don’t forget us, either. Have a great weekend!

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  1. A thousand blessings upon you and your children, and their friends and classmates!

    (Though it was really less of a howl and more of a yelp. A whiny yelp, too. You give me too much credit.)

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