We’re pulling out all the stops for today’s “Marginalia,” spotlighting three (count ’em, three) websites worthy of our discriminating readers’ attention.

First stop on the recommendation tour: A Book Blogger’s Diary, a nifty site containing not only the eponymous Book Blogger’s reviews but also featurettes on authors, publishers and, most distinctively, book contests and giveaways sponsored by publishers. It’s a great resource for readers looking for deals and steals, and its frequent updates (they put us to shame) ensure that book-lovers will find some content that catches their—hey, what’s this? And this? and this?

Next up: Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast (Why Stop at Six?), a book review blog hosted by two dynamic librarians named Eisha and Jules. As one might guess from the Lewis Carroll allusion in the title (and the classic Alice in Wonderland engravings decorating the site), Eisha and Jules review “adult” and “children’s” books impartially, and are especially fond of works that straddle the two genres. We like the classy look and lighthearted tone of their site, but we’re a little intimidated by their energy: we’ve always felt that impossible things could wait until after lunch. Or tea.

Finally, we wanted to show you momeld, the best contemporary design site we’ve come across yet. Here at Abbeville, we’re no strangers to fresh design concepts, but some of the items they’ve featured have just about blown us away—especially the one from their most recent post. A comfy chair that follows you around? Even as you manuever your way around bookshelves? Truly, this is the future we’ve dreamed of. Maybe once Abbeville moves to a new building, we can convince the boss to incorporate this puppy into a new, radical office design.

Enjoy these three distinguished contributions to the weblogosphere, and feel free to recommend other sites that you feel would be of interest to our readers! Our Comments section gets lonely sometimes, you know.


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4 responses to “Mega-Marginalia

  1. Aw shucks. Thanks so much. This is nice.

    If only people knew the *real* me in the mornings. It actually takes about Five Cups of Coffee and Lots of Grumbling and Glaring at People Before Breakfast for me to find energy.

    I’m on blog-break this week, but we will definitely have to link to this on Sunday (when, for my part, I’ll be blogging again). Thanks for the nice words. We’re flattered and honored and other nice verbs like that (verbs one doesn’t get to use every day).

    Jules, One-Half of 7-Imp

  2. callmeabookworm

    Thank you for featuring my blog!!

  3. Thanks for the feature and the great write up!

    – Phillip & Kirby

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