The Art of Rocking Podcasts

So you want to hear a good podcast? We’ve got two new ones up in the Media section of our main site, starting with the first installment of our segment So You Want to Work in Publishing? This series of interviews with real, live Abbeville employees provides plentiful tips on how to break into the publishing industry. That’s right, you’re one download and a pair of headphones away from having our expert advice dispensed directly into your ears. Enjoy! And listen well. No matter what you might have heard, this business isn’t all free cocktails and goat cheese canapés.

We’ve also posted an interview with Paul Grushkin, art collector and author of Abbeville’s The Art of Rock. This classic volume, first published in 1987 and released in a Tiny Folio edition in 2000, was the first book of rock-and-roll poster art ever published—and as those posters soar in value with the passing years, it’s proved another example of Abbeville’s trendsetting prescience. (Plus the cover is just plain damn funky.) The interview, conducted by 21st Century Radio, is rife with ’60s and ’70s nostalgia as well as memories of how the book got made. Whether you’re a boomer or a retro hipster (and who isn’t one of the two these days?), head on over to the podcast and rock with us.

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