Live Blogging @ BEA

And let the live-blogging commence! Your blogging editorial assistant-publicist here for our first Abbeville Press BookExpo America blog posting. Today was the Show setup (for those less in-tune to the inner happenings of the book publishing industry, the Show refers to BookExpo America or BEA, the biggest, craziest American book publishing event of the year (yes I said crazy! What do you think we do here?? Sit around the Los Angeles Staples Center and read?? No! Giveaways, autographing, and events abound—I for one will be hitting up the Cookbook Expo)).

So yes, you read correctly, this year we’ve headed to L.A., to set up shop until Sunday at a rocking booth at the Staples Center (and no! FYI there is not a actual Staples store in the venue). So I would post pictures but the booth was in quite a disarray today during setup and to be honest we were too sweaty to consider posting our mugs on the internet. But lots of pictures of the beautiful booth and its many neat features will be posted tomorrow! We will try to live blog in the booth during doubtful-downtime but, if not, rest assured my colleague, managing editor Erin, will fill you in on the characters that stopped by the booth and the anticipated boxing match between Random House and HarperCollins.

To recap the day, we unpacked boxes, unpacked more boxes and then rolled things. We rolled posters, Abbeville Family Shirts (I plan on turning mine into a dress on Sunday!), and more posters. So the day went pretty smoothly! To check out what we’ll be up to tomorrow when the show starts, click here (the Abbeville Press events page).

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