How Artists See Style

You’re never too young to start learning how to be stylish. In fact, we all make a pretty messy, graceless entrance into this world, so it’s best to start recovering from that blunder as soon as possible. Fortunately, Abbeville Press has just the ticket for any kid: our How Artists See series, a classroom classic that gives young readers their first exposure to the basics of artistic vision, technique, and yes, style.

We mention this not just to toot our own horn (or play our own piano-guitar), but because we’ve recently created a new and improved How Artists See mini-site for parents, teachers, and students. Clicking on each of the featured book images will take you to a full description of that book, while clicking the link below the images will whisk you off to a complete listing of HAS products. You’ll especially want to check out the latter, because it contains full details about the brand-new How Artists See Jr. series we’re releasing this fall.

“How Artists See Jr.?” you ask. “What’s all this now?” Well, it’s a new series based on a very simple premise: toddlers like looking at pictures of babies, dogs, horses, and trains, so they might as well look at Van Gogh babies, Giacometti dogs, Degas horses, and O’Keeffe trains. (And images on the same themes by plenty of other great artists, too.) While the rest of their play group is stir-frying their neurons in front of SpongeBob, your kids will be laughing and cooing at the best visual entertainment Western history has to offer. Talk about an education in style.

But enough shameless hawking of Abbeville products. Tomorrow we’ll be shamelessly hawking Abbeville products from L.A.! Check back often over the next few days for live BEA coverage from our Arbiters of West Coast Style—and actual native Californians—Erin and Michaelann.

Style Points

Working with Children

1.1. When you’re looking at Van Gogh paintings with a preschooler, it’s best not to mention the severed ear, the suicide, etc. Hold off on that until the kid’s at least seven, eight years old.

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  1. This sounds like a lovely series for homeschoolers to use in their art appreciation studies.

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