The Abbeville Manual Goes to BEA

After we welched on our promise to provide commentary on this year’s College Art Association conference, we felt…wait, what’s the word again? Right, “humble.” In order to atone for our lapse, we made another promise to our readers: extra-special coverage of the 2008 BookExpo America conference. And this time we’re coming through, folks.

During BEA, which runs this Friday, May 30 through Sunday, June 1, two of our Arbiters of Style will be on the scene in L.A., providing live coverage of the biggest annual publishing event in the country. Now, when you’re in the business of making expert style judgements, typically you want to take your time dispensing your priceless pearls of wisdom. And yet for book fiends like us, BEA is such an adrenaline rush that we think it’ll be fun to write about it in the moment—to make you see all those new books, smell their new bindings, feel the wind blowing from their pages as we flip through them.

So stay tuned! Arbiters of Style Erin and Michaelann will be our on-scene reporters, providing updates whenever they’re not making deals, charming customers, browsing shelves, showing off our books and website, and sneaking delicious mint chocolates from Abbeville‘s booth (#2233 if you happen to be attending). Arbiter of Style Austin will be back home in New York, following their posts and perhaps injecting occasional commentary of his own from time to time. Because he likes to do that sort of thing.


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