Marginalia: Arts and Letters Daily

For today’s installment of Marginalia, we are providing a link that is almost as redundant as last week’s recommendation that you should, in fact, go see the David. We are linking you to Arts & Letters Daily, not because as an aficionado of art and publishing you haven’t heard of it already, but because we suggest that you take its title at its word and visit it daily. Denis Dutton’s colossal linkfest is the Grand Central Station of high Internet culture, serving as a portal not only to the best of each day’s online articles about art, literature, philosophy, criticism, and all the other lofty abstractions hovering like seraphim above its masthead (as well as a few others, including science and politics), but also to the best of the Internet’s news outlets, magazines, book reviews, opinion columns, weblogs (yes, it uses the full and proper word, not the vile abbreviation), radio stations, reference sites, and even diversions like crossword puzzles and classical sonatas. It is, in short, your one-stop source for all the substance you could ever need to go with all the style you get from Abbeville. So why not stop there every day?

In fact, we’ll say the same thing about A&L Daily as we did about the David—go see it now. Don’t worry about leaving us for a while; it’s our favorite non-Abbeville-related site in the whole wide World Wide Web, so we’ll see you over there shortly.

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