Friday Odds and Ends

Another of our books has received a detailed and flattering review at Art Blog By Bob; this time it’s The Art Atlas, which we mentioned a couple posts ago and which seems to be having its well-deserved day in the sun.

The Wall Street Journal featured another thoughtful art essay last week, in which two subjects we’ve touched on recently—the epidemic of jargon in the modern art world and the diminishing returns of “shock art,” as highlighted by the Aliza Shvarts controversy—dovetail nicely, and prompt some tough questions about whether today’s art students are learning enough (or anything) about the history and techniques of their field before learning to discard them.

Finally, a month or so ago we promised a much-belated entry on the College Art Association conference in Dallas, which two Arbiters of Style attended on behalf of Abbeville. We now concede that the conference, which happened in February, is ancient history and that we’ve broken our promise like an icy winter twig. Our coverage would have boiled down to three essentials: the weather in Dallas was surprisingly cold; people liked our books so much they just about bought out the booth; and the folks at the Liquitex company are really, really nice. Incidentally, while all of the art museums in the Dallas/Forth Worth area are fort worth checking out (yowza!), we especially recommend the Dallas Museum of Art and the Amon Carter Museum. But we feel we owe our readers a little bit more than this, so we’re planning some extra, and extra-special, coverage of BookExpo America in June. We swear by our grandmother’s principles.

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend! (Readers of this site may have noticed that we are now doing our best to update every weekday, but we’ll always be off Saturdays and Sundays. In the life of the truly stylish, leisure time is sacred.)

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