Abbeville Family


By now, if you’ve been reading The Abbeville Manual for a while, you’ve gotten a strong apprentice education in the fundamentals of style. But what about your family? There they are, mired in the same dreary, styleless life you led before Abbeville. Don’t they deserve the same benefits you’ve enjoyed? Couldn’t your mother use some artistic guidance when she’s snapping photos at family gatherings? Couldn’t your little cousins use a little culture? And hasn’t Grandma seemed a bit…unprincipled lately?

Fortunately for you (and them), Abbeville Press has recently launched its Abbeville Family division, which gathers together such popular titles as Armin Brott’s New Father series, Colleen Carroll’s How Artists See books, and Patrick Ewing’s In the Paint, and combines them with a raftload of new family titles due out this fall, including the first two volumes of our educational Dinosaurs comic book series and the first four volumes of the long-awaited How Artists See Jr. series. It’s a big step in the evolution of Abbeville, and we’ve honored it with a jazzy new logo and a special page on our website. It’s also caught the attention of Publishers Weekly, as you can read here.

Make your next family reunion an Abbeville Family reunion…and have Mom send us the pictures.

Coming up on The Abbeville Manual of Style:

Tomorrow: Shocking (and Shockingly Passé) Conceptual Art Exhibits!

Thursday: Adorable Cats!

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