New Video and Podcast!

Being the scrupulous editors we are, we generally eschew exclamation points except where absolutely necessary, but sometimes it’s hard to resist.

First of all: we have a new video! In this episode, “Europe in Your Hands,” our intrepid (and unfailingly dapper) host guides the viewer through four of Abbeville’s finest Europe-themed volumes: The Great Country Houses of Central Europe, Venice and the Veneto, St. Petersburg, and The Pocket Louvre. Each makes a handsome traveling companion for the European touristor a perfect, picturesque escape for the armchair vacationer. Not featured in the video, but of equal interest to the Europhile, are such Abbeville titles as Great Monasteries of Europe, Munich, The Art and Spirit of Paris, The History of Venice in Painting, Tuscany, Travels with Van Gogh and the Impressionists, and many others available in the Travel section of

Second: we have a new podcast! With Armin Brott’s classic parenting guides The Expectant Father and The New Father due to enter the world (like a twin bundle of joy) in audiobook form this May, we’re pleased to offer preview clips of each book on our Media page. As America’s “Mr. Dad” and the host of the weekly radio show “Positive Parenting,” Mr. Brott is a natural at the microphone; dispensing warmth, humor, and fatherly expertise in equal measure, he brings as much style to the subject of potty training as Ségolène Le Men does to a discourse on the finer points of the oeuvre of Courbet.

Enjoy the updates, and check us out on YouTube as well!

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